Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be a Dreamer Video - Session 1

Well....I really like the Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software but I think it is making my new laptop freeze up.  Unfortunately I blamed my Lenovo with the Windows 7 system as the culprit.  I had to take it back to Best Buy for the Geek Squad to take it down and then re-install everything. Not once but twice and I am holding my breath as I type this blog.  I did not display a good attitude when I took the laptop in to be worked on considering it was less than 30 days old and for that I should apologize to the  young man that waited on me. But I was so frustrated if you know what I mean.

After reading information regarding Adobe Premiere Elements 10 it says on their website that they have had problems such as freezing up computers with the Windows 7 system.  Hopefully they can get that fixed because I really enjoyed editing my videos with that software.  It was easy and I was just getting the hang of incorporating music and text.

For the last video I used Windows Movie Maker and I found that it does a very good job too so...I may have to install Adobe Premiere Elements 10 on my Dell desktop and use Windows Movie Maker on my laptop.  This may be fun to compare the two and see which is better for me.

It is my dream to create videos for my blog and website as I share a bible study I wrote about the Samaritan woman.  Until then Donna and I will discuss various topics.

Hope you enjoy the a dreamer!  Be a living interpretation of what you believe! Click here to watch the video Be a Dreamer Session1

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