Saturday, March 6, 2010

Make sure your shoes are shined...or at least a match!

   I gotta laugh at myself.  I go from one adventure to another.  One dream to another.  My good friend, Donna was asked to put together a seminar about Professionalism in the work place. That includes Attire, Speech and Attitude.  She asked me to help her and right away I was on the internet finding points we should make.  Every article said there were two things that must be clean and neat for your appearance to be above reproach.  Your shirt and shoes!
   That isn't like a breakthrough concept for me, but I don't always look at my shoes as needing polished or shined every time I wear them.  This may be a downfall for me and after my recent doctors visit, I may never leave the house again without at least looking down at them.
   There was no need for me to rush, even though I had a long drive (one and a half hours) to see Dr. E., and so I just enjoyed the beautiful sunny day taking in all the sights as I drove to Chapel Hill.  My microphone was in my hand and everytime I would think of something pertaining to the seminar I would save it for later reference. 
   I arrived at the office early and was called in right away.  Paula, the nurse, came in and took all my vitals and asked me questions.   She said Dr. E. would be in shortly and left the room with a great bug smile on her face.  She is so nice and amiable. No problem..  I crossed my legs and started reading the magazine about hearing loss.  All was good until I looked down at my shoe that was on my left foot as I was swinging it back and forth.  I thought it strange that I had on my black shoe with the tassle.  I thought for sure I put on my blackish brown shoes with the buckle.  There are times when I do forget things, so I must have put on the wrong shoes.  No problem, my outfit could handle black shoes.  Except...I looked down at my right foot and...Oh NO!  I had on my blackish brown shoe with the buckle.  I uncrossed my legs and took a long hard look as if they would magically match.  But I did manage to laugh instead of cry, as my two different shoes hugged my feet.  The more I laughed the hotter I became and sweat was starting to form on my brow.
My face was getting red and I could feel the heat running down to my neck.  I started to fan myself and guess who entered the room?  Yep!  Dr. E.  He extended his hand to shake mine and I gave him the magazine; he smiled, took the magazine and placed it on the stand.  Then he shook my hand with a grin on his face. 
   I figured I would just not say anything and crossed my legs at the ankles, trying to hide my left foot with my right foot.  I know what you're thinking.  Yes, he could still see that I had on two different pairs of shoes but I knew if I didn't say anything, he wouldn't.  And he didn't.  As soon as he finished checking out my sinuses, I almost ran out of his office.
   I had planned on shopping while I was in the Raleigh area but I sure couldn't do that with 2 unmatching shoes.  Sometimes I think God has such a sense of humor.  Here I was planning what I was going to say to people about dressing professionally for work.  I even talked into my microphone as I drove and thought I was going to be on top of things.  Well....I guess the joke was on me.  Now I have a story to tell during the seminar of how important it is to check out your shoes before going to work and especially before a job interview or meeting. 
   I wonder if Paula and Dr. E had a good laugh after I left...with all the people in the waiting room!