Friday, October 15, 2010

Miss communications!

Have you ever read an email and totally misinterpret what the writer was saying?  I did that and it was a business transaction.  Not good!  It has been awhile since I have been in business.  I owned a cross stitch shop and managed a banking center... at the same time for a year.  During that time, no one emailed.  Of course it is not because they didn't want too; it was because there was no such thing as email.  Isn't that weird!  Now it seems as if no one hears the voice of their co-worker or boss.  Unless of course, the situation requires face to face, and it is of the utmost importance.  But an email can suffice in most cases.

The girl who sent me the email was not quite sure what I was referring to when I sent my response.  The girl is not really a girl but a woman.  It is just that I am old enough to be her mother.  She is very qualified for her position and I do need to stay on her good side because she has a wealth of knowledge about Quickbooks Online and she has offered to help me at anytime.  It's not her fault that I am not familiar with the lingo yet. 

I felt foolish that I did not take time to read her second email which would have cleared things up a bit.  Before I could make clarification, my son, the boss, sent me an email telling me to copy him on any communication to the least for right now.  What an embarrassment to me. I wanted to say, "Hey, you asked me to come to work"  I got my cup of coffee and sat on the couch thinking of how old I am to start something new.  Poor me!  Can I really keep up with a cutting edge business? 

Once I thought it through though, I realized how awesome it is to be a part of my son's business and his life...and the lives of the 2 more sons that live and work for him.  It's a family affair!  I am the oldest and I have made contributions to the betterment of the company.  Managing people was my strong point.   I want to be a team player...not sure if that term is used anymore.  Whatever!  I am thankful I have a job with wonderful people.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I turned 58 and started a new career!

I really thought that once my youngest son went off to college, life would slow down.  What a joke!  I feel like I am just waking up from a long nap and it is time to learn new things and enjoy a good challenge. son who has a business in the Raleigh area ask me to work for him. I thought it through...

For so long I wondered what it would be like to go back to work.  I managed a bank 19 years ago until I was bed-ridden while pregnant, and once my son was born I dedicated my life to raising my boys. At first I missed working and the performance reviews.  Yep!  I needed to hear I was doing a good job. But then I found volunteer work at school and church can be very rewarding.  Now, it was time to re-enter the work force and even though it was quite a drive to work for my son, I couldn't imagine a better boss.

The 90 minute drive to his house, (which is also his office) gives me time in the morning to pray for my family.  I have been able to call my mom who lives in Ohio and check on her and call my sister in Texas.  There are even quiet moments when I clear my head of any thoughts and try to listen to the small wee voice guiding me into this new season of my life.

Learning Quickbooks Online has been a challenge, since I haven't done bookkeeping professionally.  The books for my small cross stitch shop was simple; very simple! In fact I used pen and computer.  Coming from a family of bookkeepers, accountants, CFO's  and business owners, it is in my genes.  Never thinking it would intrigue me so, I have found instant gratification when I have accomplished my to do list. 

Another son also works with us and he has taught me how to use QB online and I am rather surprised at his patience.  He does often tell me to try to figure it out on my own and if I can't, then I can ask him for help.  That's weird...taking directions from a 23 year old.  The son who owns the company is 35 and has a lot of patience too.  A lady on his staff asked him if he could fire his mother if I wasn't doing my job.  He smiled.  I wouldn't want to put him in that position.  I am trying my very best to his best bookkeeper!