Thursday, September 1, 2011

Luke - Introduction

   Luke, the doctor and Gentile Christian is writing to followers of Jesus, so they would hear the true details about the life of Christ.  One verse to remember is from the 18th chapter, verse 27; "What is impossible with men is possible with God." A theme of the book to consider is that Jesus communicates the love of God through his relationships with people. Luke's emphasis on women and how Jesus included them in his ministry encourages women today to stay focused on Christ and know that you are part of His ministry team. 
   Luke was not an eyewitness but a very good investigator and spoke to those that were with Jesus and witnessed the miracles and signs that he performed.  Luke wrote this orderly account for Theophilus which means "one who loves God".  Well there are many of us, then and now, who loves God, so in essence Luke has written it for you and me. Oh,  it is going to be so interesting! So go ahead and read it on your own and I will highlight the women Luke writes about.
   Read the first chapter and you will discover two women, Elizabeth and Mary, relatives whom the Lord will use to birth sons of importance. An old lady will give birth and a very young woman will give birth.  One son will bear witness to the other.  One son born to die as a ransom for all. One child was conceived by his earthly father and one was conceived by the Holy Spirit.
   There is doubt and belief, little faith and much faith,  prophecy and singing! Read Luke's account as if you know all the characters and have a relationship with them. Feel their pain and sorrows and rejoice with them in their blessings.